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What if…

What if…
What if instead of blessing the offering, blessings were prayed over those who will give– before they give. There is power in a blessing from a father (spiritual or otherwise).
What if we put our tithes and offerings on the altar and they were lifted up to heaven as we gave thanks for them and expected with even our mustard seed faith and trust for them to multiply and expand to our need.
What if we remembered and praised and testified and declared His Glory and listened to Him speak through the Word that He has given you for that day, before we count the money.
Yes, what if before we count the money or even know with our natural minds, we stand in awe at what God did. I mean…we say we know the end of the story.
What if we depended radically and totally on God for our miracle, instead of men and men’s resources or men’s decisions (not saying that God won’t use men or individual finances at all because I believe He will use each one but I also believe God can meet this need and more in supernatural ways).
What if we stopped asking God to bless us individually so that we can give more to Him. What if we stopped wanting things of God to come from or through us.(speaking to myself here)  What if we asked that if things must come through man, that He bless our neighbor so the miracle/revival/revelation could flow through them. Would we do it? What if we would?
What if we really believed in miracles.
Nothing is too hard for God and He wants to reveal Himself to us. He loves His kids!!!  We are adopted. I am getting that and it is blowing me away. I am getting that I was crucified with Christ. I am getting that I am not even of this world. I don’t live, He lives. I am really getting it.
What if everyone could get it and everyone understood who they are. If they knew…then they would be free to give their life (His life in them) completely away – and anything attached to it.  What if I knew it fully.
I know, I think way too much : )
Blessed be the name of the Lord!
He is everything to me!!!