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Ringstraked Ones

The white sheep are gathered all in a line,

How nice–so many alike; how sublime!

A few different have wandered in . . . a spotted or two,

all ringstraked and speckled, what should we do?

We could try to corral them; tie them with knots,

but ringstraked and speckled don’t stay in one spot!

They each have their calling and are determined to go,

Oh, ringstraked and speckled, oh why won’t you flow?

Well– Jacob, you take them; you’ll know what to do,

‘Cause you’re one of those quite different ones, too!

We’ll stay with the white sheep all in a row,

Go with these new ones?– oh no!! Don’t think so.

Though it isn’t exciting here, we are at ease.

Just let us stay safe in our little world, please.

We may never see Canaan or God face to face;

Still you go ahead, Jacob, and run this new race!!

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Tears of Grief

“I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan: very pleasant has thou
been unto me: thy love to me was wonderful. . .” (2 Samuel 1:26)

Oh, my soul, what do you long for —
Rising, Soaring, Looking?

While others contented be, you need much more —
Rising, Soaring, Looking?

And now you have found such a wonderful treasure.
Another to fly with brings joy without measure.

But for a moment and then it is gone —
Grieving, Saddened, Lonely.

Would it have been better to have only longed?
Rising, Soaring, Looking?

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Why Are You Waiting?

Good Word from Barbara Yoder — Why are you waiting for someone to give you a position? Go out and do the works of Jesus. Feed the hungry, care for the ophans and widows, heal the sick, help people, release the kingdom everywhere you go. Don’t wait for someone to notice you, your gift will make room for you. Until you release it, there will be no room. You create the room.
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Be Encouraged but Do Not Faint

One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up. Luke 18:1(NLT)

I thank God we don’t have to press on without any encouragement. I believe we have seen some supernatural intervention in our midst in these last two days of Revival and even in this last month. I believe that more is to come as our Revival continues and God changes lives and hearts…even our own. I think we should rejoice in that with all that is within us but also recognize that to change our posture of persevering prayer would be a mistake. What God can do through persevering, importunate prayer has yet to be seen in it’s full scope. I remind myself again and again and again and again…this is not about me or about Life Church or even about two churches coming together as wonderful as it all is…but the Kingdom of God and where we stand in relation to God’s Eternal Purpose.

I have been encouraged and I admit I really needed it but I also know in my heart this encouragement is given because this is only the beginning and not the end to the call to press on to see that full scope. This call is not just my call. It is for all of us- everyone, everywhere that calls himself a believer. Be encouraged, but do not faint…your prayers have never been as important or as needed as they are every minute and right this very minute!!!!