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Mother’s Day and the Food Pantry

A few hours at the food pantry can put some things about mothers into perspective. Mothers are the same no matter how rich or poor. They love their children and worry about them. Almost all mothers put their child’s needs above their own….universally.

Every week I seem to talk with more and more people experiencing hunger and along with that depression, anxiety and true fear. I talk with many mothers that only want prayer for a child; their child on drugs or in prison. Mothers that want salvation for the kids; healing for the kids. Mothers that want jobs for their sons and daughters. Mothers concerned about the desperation of their children more so even than their own desperation.

I think especially of one woman I prayed for one Tuesday that truly just fell apart because she was physically hungry. She hadn’t had any food for several days and didn’t know where food was coming from for herself. Everything she had, and that wasn’t much, was given to the three grandchildren she suddenly found herself raising…then a friend brought her to the food pantry. She was so relieved to get food that she just fell into my arms shaking and sobbing while I prayed for her. All I could do was pray and hug her. I had no words of my own…but then she found words to tell me her story.

What a mission field God has placed me in- and I didn’t have to go on a mission trip to find it. It is right in my own town- next street over! I am just in awe of how God has fulfilled something deep within my heart through my connection with the people that come to receive and how much they actually end up feeding me. It is like a crazy love affair that makes no sense in the natural but on a deeper level is a perfect plan. I am feeling something there that I have never felt before…maybe the Father’s heart for the poor? It is precious to me.

I continue to pray for this mother and grandmother. What does it feel like as a mom to have nothing to give your own for their hunger? That for Mothers Day all you want is food for them or something like diapers? What does it feel like to only want peace of mind for those you love most? I get it, because once upon a time I was there. I pray that I am never so far removed that I don’t remember what she is feeling. Even still, there is only so much I can do…She was given food to meet the immediate hunger and I don’t have riches, but even as in the scripture, what I do have I know I have given her. I gave her my prayers-because there is One that knows her heart and He speaks through the prayers and the food; One that has felt that kind of hunger. I shared with her my Hope-because there is One that does deliver and does provide for our every need; One that offers eternal life. I gave her my love-because there is One that loves her as He loved even me.

May sound sad to you but God is working in people’s lives through their hunger. His most wonderful gift seems to begin with their hunger and their desperation. I have seen it play out before my eyes. It is a gift in so many ways- just as it was and is to me. I am so blessed to have met this woman and mom one Tuesday….Happy Mothers Day!

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Morning Prayer

I was reading in Psalm 88 and when I read verse 13 in the Amplified it says “in the morning shall my prayer come to meet you” – just got this picture of my prayers busting through right into His glory and presence. Looking forward to morning prayer. I had been praying for encouragement and I feel this was God given encouragement alright… I so much needed that!