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When I pray

When I pray, I am expecting miracles, gifts of healing and demonstrations of God’s power! I believe God likes a people who grab hold of the Word of God and use it like a sword!

Jesus spoke the Word – and kingdom things happened! There is a word of healing – against sickness, disease and fear. He has already spoken the word that brought you healing. The promise has already gone forth! Strengthen yourself. Be free from every bit of oppression! Here is some of the scripture that I am praying this week…

Joshua 24:14, 15; Isaiah 1:5-6, John 5:1-9, John 7:23; Heb. 12:4-13; also, Isaiah 35:3-4 (NIV) “Strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way; say to those with fearful hearts, ‘Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you.’”

I lift up my hands in the sanctuary and I bless You, Lord! I make straight paths for my feet – right to Your throne of grace. In Your name alone I will lift up my hands. I am strong in the Lord and full of courage and boldness, for my hope is in You. Hear me, Lord, as I call out to You. Thank You for this church, this place of grace that You have brought me to. Thank You for restoring me and making me whole. I have chosen for myself that I will fear You and serve You, the Lord all the days of my life. I choose life, healing, wholeness, restoration, and revival. I proclaim that You, my God have come with strength and You will save me to the uttermost!

Take these scriptures and declarations and pray with strength!!! Take the power of God and storm the gates of oppression, sickness, poverty.