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Uzzah, a student, and me

“Uzzah put out his hand to steady the Ark.” (2 Samuel 6:6)

Elmer Towns tells of ten days of revival at Liberty University when one student began confessing his sins. The Lord came and they were in divine activity for ten days and nights with no one wanting to go from the meeting. Until– another student stood up and was boastful about his former sins…..the Holy Spirit left, and it ended. One touch of the hand of flesh and He was gone.

WHOA! I can’t even get words out to explain what this did to me when I read it. I wonder how often and in how many ways I put my hand out to “steady the Ark” as Uzzah did. How often am I boastful and full of flesh, even in what seems good things? Convicting…only word I can find.

So thankful for God’s grace today.