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Today at the Food Pantry

God is so good. He is our healer, provider and our Savior.

Today at the food pantry there were many prayer requests for healing of backs, legs, and feet. Lots using canes, braces and walkers and having balance issues. One lady had suffered a fall over the weekend and broken her foot and glasses and almost fell several times while I was with her. Today, I stood in the hallway and greeted every person that walked in and I was just astonished at the similarities that seemed to be among this particular group. I prayed some prayers today that some may think are a bit bold but I PRAISE GOD because I believe with all my heart that God healed as we prayed and asked Him.

A lady that I have prayed with every month and grown quite fond of came. She had some major breathing and mobility problems and I noticed that she wasn’t using her inhaler. When I asked her about it, she testified that over the course of the few months she has been coming and receiving prayer that her breathing issue has cleared up and she is now able to get around-and NOW she is losing weight. She glowed and was so excited. I was too. PRAISE THE LORD, OUR HEALER. He is able and He is willing.

Another lady testified that after prayer last month she got a job. PRAISE THE LORD, OUR PROVIDER.

And most importantly and most exciting of all one of the ladies praying today led someone to the Lord. PRAISE THE LORD, HE IS OUR SAVIOR.

God loves each of us so much. I stand amazed that even on a rainy, humid, busy Tuesday He could touch me by touching those I have grown to love so much and bless me that I could be around as He demonstrates His power, grace and love to them— changing their lives—and changing mine. I love Him so : )