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Four Years Later – My Miracle, My Vows

On 9/11/2006 the supernatural met the natural and God performed a miracle in my life. His Glory filled my room and He healed and delivered me and changed me forever. I repented of my sins, forgave all who I had been unwilling to forgive and I accepted His salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. On that day, I made Him Lord of my life. He promised to restore my life and His promises are always true! While I have learned never to look back, except as He directs and for His own purposes, over the last 4 years I try to remind myself each day of His sacrifice and His love that brought me out of the place of death and into this place of eternal life. And as part of His Bride, I try each day to find a some way to declare my love and say afresh by word or deed my vows -for better or for worse. (taken from vows of the Endtime Handmaidens. I have made them my own)

Lord, I give myself to You;

I give my life to You.

I want to be your servant.

I feel Your call;

I believe I was sent

To do the will of my Father.

I will take orders from You.

I will submit to You.

I will let You break my will.

I will not seek for comfort

Nor for high position,

Nor to do what I want to do.

Mine is the humblest task,

Or the most dangerous task;

By the grace of God, I will do it.

I will go where You want me to go;

I will do what You give me to do.

If in this walk I seem to have nothing,

I will not complain.

At times when I find myself in a kind of prison, I will rejoice

And I will praise You

Because You’ve been to prison for me.

I love You, Jesus;

I thank You for calling me,

And that You want me,

And that You can use me;

I thank You that You are there to guide every step

As I do my part to ready

Your bride for Your return.

And I say today with my whole heart,

“Send the Fire and burn up the sacrifice.

Fill me again and again with Thy Holy Spirit

And give me a double portion of Thine anointing.”