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I Saw What I Saw

I was in no way prepared for what God set before me today. I keep my focus on Him and I know that He will use it all…but right now I am feeling like I am in way over my head and wondering why I was chosen to see. Something is happening and suddenly all around me are the poor and I have grown kind of used to them coming to where I am but when the tables are turned it brings a fresh and very hard reality to my life. I know that even these feelings are a part of His purposes. I have never felt more dependent and insignificant and just kind of….(can’t describe). What good can I do? I mean really? I can do nothing in and of myself. I have never felt more like crawling into bed and just crying but…I know I have to keep my focus on Him. The Sara Groves song, “I Saw What I Saw” comes to mind and cuts at my heart tonight.