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I find it interesting and perhaps important to return to words spoken by those I believe are truly prophets. Those that have been checked and proven to hear over time. This was a direct word to me from one such man of God. I didn’t even remember writing this down but I did after I came home from the Fresh Fire service with Sister Cynthia Aidoo on 4/8/2010. I saved it in my “Mail waiting to be sent” file and honestly after a while I forgot about it. I don’t know why it just popped up on my screen. These are the words spoken as her husband from Nigeria took my hands that evening. I am not sure why I wrote this out like I did….kind of like a poem or something. Strange but interesting to see and revisit. Strengthens and encourages me tonight.

Holy Spirit

Yes Holy Spirit

Yes Holy Spirit

feasting at the table

huge feast

time for the feast

He alone will satisfy

extremely blessed

mother, extremely blessed


anointed to stand

anointed for service

enemy is trying to take you out of picture

blood of Jesus over your life and ministry

things coming against

you will stand alone but He will be with you

he alone will satisfy you


set apart and alone stand alone

arise arise