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His Promises and Audacious Prayers

His promises to me:

– He promised to restore my family. To me that includes not only their salvation but a restoration in health, finances and everything else the enemy has stolen.

– He promised that He would supply so I can be released into His calling for my life.

– Fruit; a great harvest. “If you go after those that no one wants; I will give you those that everyone wants.”

– He promised that He would walk with me and together we would live out Matthew 10:8, Luke 4:18 and Acts 10:38 in this generation as even His Son asked that I do.

My audacious prayers:

– I ask for an enlarged heart. A heart truly like Yours, Lord. I want to walk out compassion and faith

– I ask for increased understanding of Your Word. Much has been revealed. I am asking for a download.

– I ask for a love of Your Word and prayer back into the hearts of so many in Your Body.

– I ask for unquenchable hunger and intimacy with , You my Father. I ask that I sit so closely to and in such harmony with the Holy Spirit that all my questions can flow out and His answers can flow in. I have so many questions. Let my hunger only increase.

– I ask for the nations, including my own nation. I ask for souls. Thousands.

– I want to go to Africa. I want to study with Heidi Baker on a short-term basis to bring back what God has arranged for me there. I want to live for those weeks/months in a place where faith and the supernatural are normal. Where blind eyes see; the dead are raised; people are healed, delivered through the prayers and laying on of hands…of the smallest child; of me. Wow but this is a hearts desire and I can’t shake it. I ask that it happen Lord.

– I ask for courage and extreme boldness. I ask for incredible, increased measures of faith.

– I ask for visions, dreams, revelation…opportunity and open doors.

– I ask that for 10-10-10 we double even our visions on everything Lord….the attendance, the salvations, the offerings. I pray that we worship in unity and it is truly as a family reunion.

Honestly, they don’t seem all that audacious. He is a BIG GOD!!! How about millions of souls.

and I was just thinking…raising the dead is extraordinary in our eyes, but Jesus didn’t say it was.