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Perfect Ending

Another year comes to an end, but that is not the only ending going on right now. We are in a time where it seems many things are coming to an end. And let’s face it, ending is not always easy even when we desire it.

I believe that ending is just as much a part of change as are new beginning. For just about any change or transition that comes our way, there are endings and beginnings associated with it. To be successful in any area of life depends a lot on how we handle endings.

I have seen a many good beginnings ruined by a bad ending. I have seen marriages begin with a courtship of love only to end bitter in divorce. I have seen businesses begin with the promise of success and end in bankruptcy. I have seen churches, ministries, missions and even revivals begin with a bang only to end in let down. A bad ending will ruin an otherwise great movie.

I have learned the hard way whether it’s a relatively easy change, or a more complex one such as a career change, death of a loved one or a failed relationship to always seek to end well. I want no regrets. If something is left to say, I try to say it…to do, I try to do it. If there is reciprocation, thanks or even irritation around my words or actions that is less important to me than doing what I feel is necessary for closure and moving on. At the end of every year I look back and then try to tie up as many loose ends as possible that may be lingering before getting too far into the next year. And I guess it has become my aim to do this in every change I experience in life’s journey.

What else comes to my mind about ending is Jesus. Jesus is the alpha and omega, the beginning and end. He has no beginning or end because He is the beginning and end. In a sense, to experience an end is to experience the Lord Himself. So times of ending can be as powerful and life altering as times of beginnings.

One of the only things that we do on this earth that is truly an end in itself is worship. So worship at its purest is experiencing Jesus. I don’t think worship should be pursued as a means to achieving something other than worship. Worship is never a step on our way up to any other experience. It is not a door through which we pass to get anywhere. It is not the opening act; it is the main and final act.

This does not mean that we should wait until all our motives are perfect and pure. If that were so there would be very little worship on this earth. So I say, go ahead and worship no matter what and let God deal with the motives and anything else He needs to deal with so that He can be pleased.

And also, it does not mean we do not achieve or experience something other than worship. We certainly will. There are by-products from worship such as healing, miracles, visions, breakthroughs and so on. God is a generous God and loves to share His pleasures with us.

Worship is the perfect ending.