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Fourth Man

Saturday I was at the radio station to hear a friend of mine who is the pastor of a church in Belmont. I have always looked at this sister and been fascinated by her walk with the Lord and how He speaks to and through her. Sometimes I will go on a Sunday night to hear her preach and no matter if there are 50 people there or 10 people there and she still preaches her heart out like there were thousands. Like she was back on the mission field or in the crusades of past days. She does a weekly program on this AM station.

Most of those that come to help her do the show from her own congregation were not there because of Easter so when I walked in she asked me if I was ready to preach. I laughed and said NO! Later she asked me if I wanted to testify. I am ashamed to say that even to this I said no – maybe next time!

Saying no to open doors that you should have said yes to will bring major conviction. I sat there in my conviction with no acceptable justification wondering how in the world the Lord would ever use me if I dismissed His opportunities so quickly. It created quite a conversation between me and the Lord. Ever wonder if everyone in the room can see your inadequacies and your sin?

About half way through the program I was looking around at this old dingy radio station as the sister was talking about Shadrach, Meshach and Abendigo being in the fiery furnace and more specifically about the fourth man. She was speaking about God and how He is there in times of trouble…and I had this thought – Lord, how does all of this apply today? This radio station? This Word that she is sharing? It is a good Word but I know the Bible is relevant for today so how does it apply? The Bible is not just stories but it is for NOW! This generation! Who is out there listening, Lord?

Just then the Holy Spirit said to me very clearly. “See, she puts herself out there!” At that moment the phone rang and the girl from outside on the phones brought in a prayer request from a listener. A lady whose son was on drugs. This sister started praying for this need like she herself was going through it. Like her own life depended on it. True intercession.  and the Holy Spirit said – Listen because I am going to tell you how all of this applies. You have My Spirit in you. I have put you in this generation for this time to be the “fourth man in the fire” to those of this world. They may come to you, some will. You will however have to GO out and make a decision to get into the furnace with many more. If you reach one, if you reach millions…allow me to be the 4th man through you. You will be the 4th man and shine with my light into a dark, dark hellbound world. You will be the 4th man to the poor and the poor in spirit. You will come in the fire with the drug addict, the homeless, the prostitute, the abused, the accused, the hungry, the hurting, the hopeless. You will walk alongside those living the aftermath of their abortions. You will visit with those jailed and given up on. You will walk alongside them as though your very own life depended on it and one day you will understand even as Frankie does that your life really does depend on it. You will walk alongside and then they will walk out of that fire (out of hell itself) and into my salvation. Then He said again – See, she puts herself out there.

Afterward this sister came to me to discuss something. See I believe she knows that I really do want to be able to testify and maybe even give a Word every now and then as the Lord allows but I keep passing on my open doors. I won’t step out because I lack confidence or I don’t feel fully prepared or my mind goes blank or I think what I have isn’t good enough. Man pleasing? Anyway, she said this – ” I am going to tell you like I used to tell my kids, be prepared! I don’t care if it is a Word, a scripture verse, a song, always be prepared with something to share when you walk out of your door. Fruit doesn’t always come from a 30 minute sermon…many, many more times it is comes from a 30 second praise or a prayer.”

I got into my car and left and the Lord burned into my heart the following:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father. John 14:12

I have to remember the Word of our Lord and the words of my sister – BE PREPARED!