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Prayer, the Word, and Praise Reports!

I love praise reports! Especially when I have had a burden on my heart. Thank yous for prayer are okay though unnecessary. They don’t determine anything for me. I pray because I am led to pray and I love talking to the Lord. I pray every day and somedays I talk alot and somedays I don’t say a word. Some days I just cry. Some days I sing. Some days in prayer I dance before the Lord or I paint or I write poetry. He knows my heart and He understands when words don’t work. He has answered many a prayer for me as I have twirled around with a banner or a streamer before Him. So thankful He can appreciate that about me. So thankful He created me to communicate that way…creatively. He is a creative God. I pray however I feel I am supposed to but I pray until I am released. I don’t stop because people think I am crazy or if they think I have missed it. I don’t stop because I am discouraged but nothing encourages me or someone that has been on their knees more than the testimony of answered prayer or movement in that direction. I was so encouraged by one earlier this month!

In December a lady came into a Bible Study that I was leading. While we were discussing the study and doing an overview she said that she needed me to “spoon feed” her because there was just so much she didn’t understand and she didn’t know how to study. Something rose up in me and I told her “no, I won’t be spoon feeding anyone.” Instead for her I likened the study to being a toddler in a high chair with a bunch of cheerios. She could figure out how to get it in her mouth if she was hungry enough. She could watch and imitate until she got the cherrio in her hand and then to her mouth and then in her mouth to chew and swallow.

YIKES!!! Later I felt kind of guilty for putting it like that. Where was my compassion and my sensitivity? I wondered had I embarrassed her? I really struggled with what had come out of my mouth but I knew that I had been true to my beliefs that this lady was not a new Christian and so if I did spoonfeed her, as she had suggested and as people had been doing all of her life, her growth would be stunted…and I would be responsible for my part in that. I believe this stunted growth is rampant in the churches of today. So I said it. I knew that my “hands were tied” regarding this but that I could pray for her and for the eyes of her heart to be opened to the Word. Pray I did!!! Every week I started with that prayer and I prayed it just about every day. She continued to come to the class. I continued to pray and I continued to move forward as we studied and went deeper and deeper into what the Word says about Spiritual Authority and the fear of the Lord. It was a marvelous study! Life changing!

We finished the class at the end of May. A couple of weeks ago I received a note from her. A testimony of how my refusing to spoon feed her but still directing her toward searching the Scripture on her own and then allowing her to share whatever God spoke to her about it had taken her deeper into the Word than she ever imagined she could go. She said, my love for the Word and my prayers for her had ignited her own love for the Word and the Lord.

What a testimony! I can’t explain the joy released in my heart at this answered prayer. It is my prayer for us all today. May we all go deeper in the Word so as to know our God and love Him more. May we study it and meditate on it and share it. Afterall, everything in the Word points straight to Jesus!!! Jesus Christ crucified. It is the absolute plumbline…the absolute. Only I can’t meditate on it for you no more than I can repent for you and no more than I can digest your food for you. You must know it for yourself.

Love you all and pray also that you are persevering into this 2nd week of the ninety day Bible challenge. Share, if you will and if you haven’t already, what God is revealing to you. It is what keeps us all interested, motivated and moving forward. My mind is kind of stuck on some things about Noah, but will write about that when I have some time tomorrow.