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Lessons Learned: Seeming Victory vs. True VICTORY

Last night I was in prayer before bedtime and was praying for a very sensitive situation in my life. Suddenly I felt oppressed. I haven’t experienced that so severely in quite some time but found myself with one of those battles of the mind. I have fought them many times before and so they are familiar. I fought. It was very late so couldn’t really call up the prayer partners I have grown to depend on in these times at such an hour of the night. No one was on fb.

I started reading the Word. My choice was the Psalms and I figured I would just read them until…but it was difficult and after a while I felt so overwhelmed and so I said to God, “Father You are going to have to do something about this because I need my mind to settle and I need sleep!” I felt like I didn’t know what else to do. The Holy Ghost immediately reminded me though that I did know what to do.

Of course, He was right…so I started just saying the name of Jesus aloud and over and over. I can tell you with complete honesty that suddenly and briefly it was as though my spiritual eyes were opened and I saw the demons swirling around my face but then just as suddenly I saw them flee and disappear– with my own, natural, open eyes. I waited for a few minutes and read a bit more of the Psalms but then fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

He is faithful to His Word and His promises! I praise Him! I woke up this morning so grateful but with a couple important lessons that the Holy Ghost brought to my attention. Friends, I write this today to tell you this…the devil and his demons are real and they do what they can to try to thwart what God is doing in and through your life. Their goal is to take you from the will and arms of God so that they can take you with them to hell. They cause confusion, distraction and noise and unrest….but we have a God that is stronger.

Our amazing God, our Savior Jesus Christ is stronger than anything that can be brought against us. He lives in you if you are a believer, making you too stronger than the enemy and all of his demons. He is also stronger than our own flesh. He is the answer and He sent His own Son to die so that we might be saved. He has given you His own Spirit, the Holy Ghost, to help you, guide you and comfort you. He has given us the weapons to fight and He has given us His own strength to stand. He is the ONLY answer but He wants us to use what He has provided us and He wants us to grow up and into maturity in Him.

I/we must remember to use what the Father has provided and what Jesus Christ paid such a price for. And also is in my/our gratefulness regarding deliverance and in that time of peace that follows…not to fall for the distraction (and so even in seeming victory) letting the enemy win. Even though the enemy did flee last night, still he accomplished distraction. After I was delivered of the attack I should have gone back to the place that the enemy manifested and I should have stood in true VICTORY and continued earnestly in prayer for that sensitive situation. There at that moment of prayer… I was in God’s perfect will for my life, for that moment.

I am learning step by step. The Holy Ghost is the best of mentors. May we all yield to His perfect will in each moment of our lives today!