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Uncle Clyde

My Uncle Clyde died on Sunday. He had cancer all over his body and was in the very last stages before doctors were able to even confirm it. He was in such pain and so sick the last couple of days and it was hard for him to carry on conversations for even a couple of minutes. But when two of his friends came to visit things changed a little. He wanted to talk with them privately and he had extended conversations (for several hours) with each one. These would be His very last words. After these visits he was given medicine to ease his discomfort.

Didn’t we all wonder what they talked about?

Well…my uncle was giving his friends instructions in the practical things that needed to be done for his wife of 54 yrs who he was leaving behind. Things like shutting the vents under the house, turning on the gas heater when it gets cold, making sure she always had a good, running vehicle, etc… Doesn’t that remind you of Jesus in His last hours? – Concerned about another more than Himself and making sure His mother was taken care of…and assigning one that He trusted, His friend that He loved, to do so. What a beautiful and precious testimony of Christ-likeness and love my uncle lived in those very last hours. I am incredibly touched.

O death, where is thy sting? Thanks be to God, which giveth my uncle the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Dream of 8/15/2013

I had a dream.

My friend and I were in the midst of a great tent revival/camp meeting. It looked to be much like the tent revivals of old but it was a modern tent with the old chairs. We stayed there for several nights and days. We had our belongings with us with in bags but we had unpacked them and kind of set up a little place around one of the poles that supported the tent to eat, and sleep and worship. It seemed a great time of worship and the Word and we were feeling very one with the Body and with the Lord.

Then in a flash my friend and I looked at each other and said what the Lord had spoken to each of us and that was, “It is time to leave…GOD said GO AND GO NOW!!!!” Instead of leaving immediately though we started to pack up our things. These weren’t all things of great value to the world but they were things we didn’t want to leave there. They were things like our Bibles, notebooks, pens, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, blankets, etc.

As we were packing a group of Umpah Loompahs (you know of the Willie Wonka movie) came in the tent and stood directly in front of each person that was still there and started singing and doing a dance that seemed to entice those in the crowd to join them. They weren’t doing anything but dancing a rather simple dance and singing a simple song but as each person looked on them they started joining in with them and as they joined you could feel “approval” (I use that as the only word I can think of to describe what it looked to be) was entering their lives.

My friend and I started throwing our things into our bags even faster and then a very clean cut good looking young man came into the tent and sat next to us with his own bags and he began looking around and watching what was going on. We finished our packing and turned for a minute to make sure we hadn’t let anything and the young man took what was in his bags and dumped it into our bags covering our belongings completely. His bags only contained dirt and sand.

Then I woke up.