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Keys to Success

Michael Francen asked the following people their greatest key to success in ministry. Read the results:

R.W. Shambach said to me: “Go – two thirds of God is GO”

T.L. Osborn: “Just Care For People”

Lester Sumrall: “Just Don’t Quit”

Reinhard Bonnke: “Boldness and Action”

Benson Idahosa: “Action Life is more than Prayer life”

Benny Hinn: “Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Oral Roberts: “A revelation of seed faith”

Kenneth Copeland: “Make it your primary purpose to give”

Pat Robertson: “Humility”

John Osteen: “Sit on the floor till you can afford a box, sit on the box till you can afford a chair. Sleep on the floor till you can afford a mat, sleep on the mat till you can afford a bed”

Winkey Pratney: “no knives under the table” (he explained by saying – do not judge, gossip, criticize, condemn, or speak against fellow ministers)

Joyce Meyer: (Joyce gave me a doctrinal dissertation when I asked her the question, but in the end she summarized it and said): “What you do for God, can never replace the time you spend with God”

T.L. Osborn said to me, after contemplating his answer for a minute: “I suppose the second part of the answer to that question would be – have enough faith in what you believe, that when you SEED people with it – it will change their lives. Then just go and do it! Seed is absolute power, because it must produce what it is!”