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Thy Word Have I Hid in My Heart -Proverbs 10:19

In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin: but he that refraineth his lips is wise. ~ Proverbs 10:19

So what this says to me today: The more you talk, the more likely you are to cross the line and say the wrong thing or say something in the wrong way or hurt someone with your words; but if you are wise, you’ll have restraint, think before you speak and most likely speak less. Wise words sometimes hurt but they aren’t hurtful (if you know what I mean).

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Are You Alright With That? (by A. Phiser)

The things that your spirit believes in will get you in trouble and I want to know are you alright with that?

Believing in, as well as becoming and being transformed into, an expression of the Kingdom will definitely produce words against you. Are you alright with that?

Are you alright with being put on the spot, wondered about, and misunderstood?

Are you cool with the fact that you are no longer being empowered to please man nor their opinions?

Are you okay that you will suffer ridicule for being one with God?

Are you ready to become friends with seeming loneliness in order to be in unity with God and His beliefs?

Are you ready to believe and become a person that the world cannot label…neither can religion control?

Are you ready to live with that type of fearlessness and power?

Are you ready to eat the words of God that produce this kind of dominion?

Are you ready to become best friends with the Sword that will bring division between beliefs of the Kingdom and beliefs of religion and the mundane?

Are you going to boldly and sometimes violently advance against a lukewarm society, against a spirit of Jezebel, against Absalom and take what God has called you to possess?

If so, there is a price to pay and you must pay it.