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Pray for the Persecuted Church

Hebrews 13:3 – Remember that that are in bonds as bound with them, and them which suffer adversity as being yourselves also in the body.

Prayer points

  • Protect them and deliver them Lord
  • give them the right words and help them to know how to share the Gospel; give them wisdom and understanding Lord; help them live the joy of the Lord before their persecutors
  • help them to make Christ known
  • that they will see your grace as sufficient and your power perfected in their weakness
  • keep them safe and strengthen them Lord; help them to endure
  • when necessary Lord help their praises to You to fall on deaf ears; when for Your glory – help their praises to draw all men unto YOU.
  • Increase their faith Lord and we pray that they would know the hope You alone give.
  • Help them to rejoice in sharing in Your sufferings Jesus and to love YOU more than life itself; bring to remembrance Your promise of their unbelievable future glory
  • Help them to trust You completely
  • Help them to love their enemies
  • Help them to have real manifestations of Your love for them


  • make a way for them to have Your Word; give the access to a Bible
  • give them the courage to remain in their homelands for the sake of the Gospel
  • keep their families safe and focused also on You; provide for their needs Lord
  • for those that have been rejected by family and friends, surround them with a new Christian family to loves and supports them
  • give them jobs and safe places to live
  • for those that can’t feed their families today Lord, provide for their needs
  • we ask for deliverance and mercy for those who are being persecuted for Your Name’s sake
  • for those facing death today give them grace to finish well
  • let your light shine through into the darkness as you shine through Your servants today
  • make them brave and courageous; bold and fearless and full of unspeakable JOY!


  • Help us to not forget them Lord; help them to know they are not forgotten
  • Help us to remember that each persecuted Christian is a person just like us. Help us to remember to pray for them.
  • Let the persecution of Christians weigh heavily on our leaders both in our country and our churches and that they might lead the fight in prayer
  • Help us to see that persecution against any Christian anywhere is persecution of the entire body of Christ.
  • Help us to wake up to the needs of our brothers and sisters here and across the world and to speak out and pray as one. Unify us Lord.