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Throw Back Thursday

TBT – one of my FB memories from a few years ago said, “For 4-5 hours every Tuesday my life makes perfect sense.” That status referred to my work at the food pantry where I was allowed to minister to the people by praying with them and sharing the love of Jesus through the Word and mostly by just talking with them and getting to know their stories. That food pantry was my promised land for a time. Truly a special time in my life.

For about 6 months this year my life made perfect sense as I worked toward and was on the mission to Tanzania. I never felt closer to the Lord and never so dependent but also never so confident and confident in the Lord as I was there. I learned much through my walk with Jesus in TZ. I declare often that Africa is indeed still a promised land for me and I want to return with all of my heart.

After I left the food pantry (and I was called to leave as sure as I was called to go) even as I pressed on and waited on the Lord for direction and the next step, my heart grieved…for His people, His place, His purpose, His promise. I feel right back there today so truly is TBT.

Still pressing on…In Jesus Name!