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3 am Wake Up Call

It’s 4:30 am and I have been up since 3 am. Have to be up at 5 am anyway. I am up fighting a battle in the spirit. I am warring against things that I knew were real but never encountered much before. Never been sadder or angrier or more tired or felt so intensely. Voices say give up, run away, hide….but what good would any of that do? So I stand and fight. If you see me cry or hear me or feel my distance it is not because I want you to join me here. No need unless the Lord bids you come. Sometimes these just flow out.

There is a type of evil that looks like an enormous snake, feels like a crushing weight, and enters your life in a very unassuming way. We hear it spoken of by some but don’t take it serious enough until it is in front of us or on us. When it gets a place in you it betrays and starts squeezing the LIFE out of you. It feels like discouragement to me in the natural today but it is an enemy trying to get me to let go and this enemy is slowly going through all the tactics. Discouragement, offense, pride, envy….the list goes on and on. And believe me I have wanted to run away but as the enemy shows me death, the Holy Ghost shows Truth. I KNOW the costs and what is at stake. So I fight for the death of this enemy in my life and others.

I can see that this enemy is going through the body of Christ and taking people down one by one. It is not the people but the enemy. Never the person …but there are people he is using. Not because they want him to use them but because he is squeezing them too. Giving in is gradual so some don’t even know it themselves.

Believe me, I have been fighting the devil tonight. I come with the Word Himself and with authority and with the Name of Jesus and the Blood as I have been taught. I have no choice, not really. The time for choice for me is passed as it regards this battle. Victory already came but will only manifest on earth as it is in heaven if I take my position and don’t abandon it. Otherwise, I keep going around in a horrible vicious circle.

If this isn’t for you move on for now….but if you are or ever find yourself where I do tonight you need to know this is real, it is serious but there are others fighting alongside you. It feels lonely in the natural but there are others and there is Jesus!

Last night I asked a minister for prayer and he prayed. He said several things but at t, e end he said three to four times…Remember the fast! Remember the fast! Remember the fast!

“Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” ~ Matthew 17:21

That might just be one of the most important verses in the Bible today. God bless you each and every one! 3 am wake up calls….