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My Church! This is Awesome!

Biblically there is no such thing as my church or the local church. We are all part of THE CHURCH-THE BODY OF CHRIST. Fruit of having my church is that we focus only on MY and OUR and we only focus sometimes on building this church. And we want to build the Kingdom but the only way we can see to do that is to build this. How can this attitude not bring division?

God is saying that my church of America has become a narcissistic church. Narcissism is a morbid love and admiration of self. Comes from Narcissus (Greek mythology died from hopeless love of his own reflection in water and was transformed into a daffodil). Church has become so self focused and enamored with ourselves that we died. We are irrelevant and in many ways dead. We are changing nothing in our nation. Thing about daffodils is this…they are beautiful but they have NO FRAGRANCE. Says in 2 Corinthians 2:14-15 how we are supposed to bring forth the fragrance of Christ. No one can say if they are honest that the church in America has mirrored to the world the reflection of Jesus Christ for when they smell us the fragrance they smell is of Him.

Sometimes in our thinking everything we do for God has to flow out of the local church to build the local church. Because we only focus on the local church we only focus on our success.

Not against corporate worship but against an, in some ways unbiblical human centered, need based, self centered organization that is the focal point. Something that was built to satisfy people, not God. Doesn’t mean you don’t have nice facilities it means you don’t focus on the “sheep pen.” It is just a place where God houses His people to help them extend His Kingdom into the earth. Becomes much more than a gathering center, becomes a sending center. The goal is not to be how many we can gather, but how many we can send. Yes we will have facilities but facilities will be used for the vision, vision won’t be to have the facilities. They are to equip the church, not to draw or impress people to build a church.

Never in the scripture is the standard for success built on speed or size. Our responsibility is not to help build a local church. Our responsibility is to help extend the Kingdom of God into the earth.

We don’t go to church to worship. We are the church so we gather to worship and we worship everywhere we go every day.

We don’t go to church to pray. We are the church so we pray everywhere, everyday.

We don’t go to church to be taught. We are the church so we gather to equip and disciple so that we can send and equip and disciple elsewhere and we disciple nations. As a church we are to gather but we are also to send.

We don’t go to church to be pastored and to be ministered to. We are the church so we pastor everywhere and minister everywhere.

We don’t go to church to fellowship, build relationships, etc… We are the church so we fellowship in many places and we not only gather but we are the church so we pastor everywhere and we minister everywhere.

We don’t go to church to get people saved and healed. We are the church so we save and heal everywhere we go and then people can get saved and healed more than two or three hours a week.

We don’t go to church to minister our gift. We are the church so we minister our gift everywhere we go.

We don’t go to church to build up the church. We are the church so we build up one another and He builds the church. That is what He said…”I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH.” No verse in scripture anywhere that says a person is supposed to build a church.

We don’t go to church to hear from God. We are the church so we hear from God all week, anywhere and everywhere.

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Quotes that Speak To Me

I didn’t write it, think it, or say it but I sure do like it and want to remember it…

The man/woman that loves to voice the things he/she has given up for God, has yet to fully and truly count those things as rubbish for the sake of knowing Jesus.

Beware of anyone who sacrifices Isaac in public. For these are private matters between the heart of God and the heart of man. (hard one!)

Good Word from Barbara Yoder — Why are you waiting for someone to give you a position? Go out and do the works of Jesus. Feed the hungry, care for the ophans and widows, heal the sick, help people, release the kingdom everywhere you go. Don’t wait for someone to notice you, your gift will make room for you. Until you release it, there will be no room. You create the room. 2/11/2010

In His presence the things that seemed big to us become so insignificant. We wonder why we let the devil fight us over that thing, make it so important, and magnify it so much. When we’re in God’s presence, the things we think are so insignificant become big. He shows us His true concerns. – Ruth Ward Heflin 10/18/2009

SAFETY is the greatest risk of all…because safety leaves no room for miracles…MIRACLES are the ONLY sure thing in life!!!! 10/18/2009 Pastor Sammy quote during sermon

When you are worshiping you look into His face, and you are changed from glory to glory. We become like that which we worship. We become like Him Whom we worship. Ruth Ward Heflin

A fellow facebooker wrote this on Reinhard Bonnke’s wall and I love it: What caused John Wesley to rise daily at 4:00 a.m. to pray and then go out in the fields to preach Christ to the dying multitudes? What caused him to preach the gospel even when churches barred their doors to him and crowds hurled rotten vegetables in his face? John Wesley had a passion for souls.
What caused David Brainard, though racked with tuberculosis, to weep in prayer for lost Indians in early America until the snowy ground was stained with his own blood? He had a passion for souls.

What caused John Knox, who led his whole nation to Christ, to rise in the middle of the night and cry, “Give me Scotland or I die!” John Knox had a passion for souls.

The very reason Jesus shed His own blood was for lost souls. It is the reason why He cried out,” My God, my God, Why have you forsaken Me?” If we lose this I believe we lose our purpose. May God the Holy Spirit give us a passion for the lost. I can’t wait for the day that I am completely set ablaze!

-Dylan Lupton

and I, Melissa Flood, say to that ” ME TOO DYLAN”

Steve Chase wrote on his status “One of the costs you must consider in following Jesus Christ…you don’t get to choose what that cost will be.”

Following God’s will for our life is a pattern of hearing God, doing what He says, and then waiting to hear God again, and then doing what He says, and then waiting to hear God…”
The pursuit of revival, before the fire or the extreme presence of God is there, before the weighty grace of God is upon us, will require us to change. If we want to experience revival, we must do now what we’ll be doing then. Change comes before the fire is lit.
John Burton

Faith is not a feeling! If you can feel it, it is not faith. Bill Winston
Will just keep adding, so check back soon…