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Chosen – Matthew, Lenka, and Anna Maria

I saw this post on the web last night, and it took me right back to 2007 and an Orphanage for the severely disabled in Romania.

Visiting these children was such a beautiful but tough part of the mission…emotionally and spiritually. I was told because of their laws and disabilities they could not be adopted. It left me to ponder why God had them there and why He sent me there as a 46-year-old woman to see it all. I thought how as a young girl after my dad died I secretly dreamed someday I would have another dad that would make a choice to love and adopt me. Though it didn’t happen I was able to hope for that…but here they were and no earthly dad could ever choose them!

I laid in my room that night and I became overwhelmed and began to sob. As I cried the Spirit of God surrounded me and I talked to Him about three little children – Matthew, Lenka, and Anna Maria. Two confined in beds in conditions I was unaccustomed to with infirmities considered hopeless. One confined because though she was a perfectly normal child, her twin sister was disabled and they weren’t allowed to be separated. Oh, how these little ones had touched me and in their faces as I talked and sang and played with them…I saw the face of Jesus!!!

God and I continued talking into the night and I asked Him of the purpose of the lives they were given. When I did, He stopped abruptly and said, “Missy…I have chosen you. I have always chosen you. But why have you never chosen Me?” I said, “I thought I did choose you. 9/11/2006 in my dining room.” God said, “Yes, you chose Me as your Savior that day. But Missy why have you never chosen Me…as your Father? Why do you want an earthly dad more than Me?” That night I made a choice.

Needless to say, Romania was life-changing. Many times, like last night I think of three little children. Matthew and Lenka couldn’t see, couldn’t talk, and couldn’t even move on their own. They did little but lay there all day, every day. Anna Maria was a prisoner because of circumstance and would be held there until she turned 18 or her sister died.

Three tiny but chosen servants of God that He used to soften my hard and bitter heart. One day they will know of their fruit. Oh, how Jesus loves the little children. Oh, how He loves you and me. Make a choice today!!!