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How Great is Our God – Job 42:2-3,5-6


God knows every detail about every single thing in existence—even those things that are not yet. There is nothing outside His knowledge. He knows what it is, where it is, why it is, and what will happen to it before the end. He knows its past, present, and future. He knows every cell in every body. He knows every piece of sand in every crystal in every stone in every mountain. He knows every drop of water in every stream, river, sea, or ocean…every tear that falls from every eye. He knows every thought of every creature, all at the same time. Nothing is beyond Him.

When the haze lifts and we are allowed to see glimpses of our God, it is still just a glimpse. No matter how glorious, how huge, how awesome, how deep, how intricate and how impossibly beautiful, it is still only a glimpse of His Goodness. We may stand there in fear and trembling, amazed but here is the thing – we will never cease to be amazed. One million years from today we will still be in awe!

And it is in that reality that we face the grandeur of the Creator and the Source of all that exists, visible and invisible. And it is here we understand a little better what Job was saying in Job 42:2-3,5-6.