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I sleep under a dark weighted blanket, so as I skimmed this article by Lana Vawser it got my attention but when I went back and actually read it…WOW!  I have felt all day that I should share this because while it was for me, it is even more so for a few others. I am not going to tag. I know but more importantly, they will know.



~ written by Lana Vawser

I had a vision recently, and I saw intense winds blowing against God’s people. Many were in this cycle of being “knocked down” and then to get up again, only to be knocked down harder again. This cycle has been going on, over and over and over. There is a deep cry that has been rising to the ears of the Father from many in the body of Christ, “God, WHEN is this ever going to break? Lord, what do I need to do?”

Many of you reading this right now feel like you are at your weakest place. You feel like you have been broken like never before. Many of you have lost hope, you have lost joy, and you are still in that place of weariness.

Friend, the Lion of Judah is ROARING over you. The Lion of Judah is ROARING over you right now, and the SOUND from His roar is resounding, “ESTABLISHED!!!!”

I heard the Lord say:

“My people, you will not be established by man’s hand, you will not be established by your own strength, in the weariness, in the weakness, in the brokenness you are about to be established by My power like never before. My Mighty outstretched arm of power and deliverance will ESTABLISH you.”


Friends, you are about to experience the power of God in your life in a way you have never imagined. God is about to establish you in strength and breakthrough as you have never experienced before. The Lord is roaring over you right now, and your enemies are fleeing. What has opposed you and opposed the promises of God in your life will no longer be able to stand. Where there has been weakness, distress, trials, persecutions, you shall KNOW the strength and power of God like never before.

And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.

Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. 10 Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ’s sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong. – (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

I had a vision, and I saw this heavy, weighty, dark blanket that has been over many in the body of Christ. It has prevented you from taking a stand, the heaviness has blurred your vision, it has contained you, it has prevented you from soaring in all that is before you, but this attack is BREAKING in the name of Jesus.

I saw Jesus standing before these ones who have felt this heaviness over them and His eyes filled with love and authority He spoke: “It is done! It’s over.”

As He spoke suddenly what looked like this heavy weight blanket exploded into a million little pieces. Completely disintegrated and disappeared. I then saw Jesus unravel a huge banner over them and it said, “A NEW ERA OF MY POWER.”

Jesus then spoke again:

“You have entered a new era of knowing My power. I am reintroducing you to My power. I am reintroducing you to My power that will bring EVERYTHING into alignment. The battles have been to keep things out of alignment, but no longer will this cycle remain. There is a MIGHTY shift taking place now by My power to bring forth the greatest divine alignment you have ever seen by My hand. Things are not only going to suddenly fall into place, not only is one touch of My power and one encounter with Me going to shift everything, it is going to position you to partner with Me in greater ways to see My power move through your life in ways you have never expected or dreamed.”

“You will not be hindered anymore. You will not know the hindrances you have known any longer. The very things that have threatened you, you shall now TREAD UPON in My name. It is time for EXPLOSIVE VICTORY, and you are being established like never before in My strength and power.”


The Lord showed me that there are mighty encounters with Jesus and the revelation of His power upon these ones. In your cycles and circumstances lately you have seen anything “but” the power of God, but that is now shifting, and you will see the power of God manifesting and establishing you in strength in Him like never before.

I could hear Acts 1:8 booming all around me:

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

Not only are you about to become a TESTIMONY to the power of God like never before, but you are also being positioned by the hand of God to partner with Him to see His power released into the earth in exponential ways. I kept hearing the words over and over “mantled with power.

I heard the Lord speak again:

“Not only will the signs and wonders manifest in your midst bringing all things into alignment in your life by My hand, but you shall also now see a major increase of signs, wonders, and miracles flowing through your life as you minister to others.”


The Lord showed me that the enemy has come so hard against many of you to try and kill and abort the ministry that the Lord has assigned you to, it has been so difficult for so many lately, but I heard the Lord say “The ministry is not dead, what the enemy has attempted to use to kill your ministry and take you out, I am turning by My mighty hand, and you and the ministry I have assigned you to are now being increased. There is a new birthing taking place in the ministry I have given you where you shall see mighty demonstrations of My power like you have never seen. EVERYTHING is going to change; things will not look the same, the way My power shall manifest, and My Glory revealed will leave all in awe and wonder. ”

The Lord showed me there are many ministries that are being rebirthed right now and new birthings taking place that are KEY for the end time harvest and carrying the Glory of God like never before.


There has been MAJOR confusion in the atmosphere and many attacks against many from the enemy attempting to muffle the voice of the Lord and many have been in a place of lacking clarity in what God is saying and the revelation contained with His Word. God is clearing the confusion, He is breaking the witchcraft attacks, He is fighting for His people because many are weary of fighting, and where the confusion has been not only is their clarity, crystal clear clarity coming from the Lord, but these ones will carry MIGHTY revelation of the secrets of His heart for the new era.

These ministries being rebirthed and the new birthings in ministries are beating LOUDLY with the sound of His heart, they are ones founded and grounded in deep intimacy, and they have been through deep fire. They thought they were going to die in the fire, but they have been forged in the fire and now coming forth with a purity and depth of intimacy with the Lord where they will be used to release the secrets and direction of His heart for the new era. The enemy has tried to lock them down, but the Lord is setting them free, and they are moving out with keys of wisdom and revelation for what God is doing and going to do in this new era.


I heard the Lord say, “I am laughing at the enemy. The way that He has tried to come against My people, the way He has tried to abort what I am doing, I am laughing in victory because what the enemy meant for harm, I have turned for good and what he has used to try and steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) I am now establishing My people for the greatest demonstrations of My power, deliverance, provision, and breakthrough that they have known. My people have stepped into My divine reset and are coming back stronger than before.”

There is a mighty shift taking place over many right now where you shall see “once and for all” breaking of many cycles and breakthrough.

The Lord is roaring, “COME FORTH!!!!”

Friends, TRULY, encounters with Jesus are upon you and His power that is going to establish you in breakthrough, healing, new vision, freedom and strength that you have that is going to leave you in awe and wonder. Many of you are going to experience encounters with His power bringing transformation that will forever change you, mark you forever and be the moments in your life where you look back and say “from that encounter with Jesus I was never the same, everything changed.”

Don’t lose hope, the cycle and cycles are breaking, and you are moving into a new era of the demonstration of His power that you have never been in before. He is reintroducing Himself to you as the God of POWER.

How great is our God! There’s absolutely nothing his power cannot accomplish, and he has infinite understanding of everything.” – Psalm 147:5-7 (TPT)



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A Heart Set on Revival

Smith Wigglesworth’s heart was set on revival, and he knew that cleansing and obedience were vital to the manifestation of the presence and power of the Lord.

Smith was staying at his friend’s (George Stormont) house and this is what Smith said, “God spoke to me on your bed.”

George asked, “What did He say?

Smith said, “He said Wigglesworth, I am going to burn you up, until there is no more Wigglesworth, only Jesus!

Standing at the foot of our stairs, Wigglesworth raised his hands to heaven, and with tears running down his cheeks, he cried, “O, God, come and do it! I don’t want them to see me anymore – only Jesus!

Stormont, George, “Wigglesworth: A Man Who Walked with God.” Chapter 1.

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There will come a time…

There will come a time when God will require you to focus on Him and Him alone. He will direct you to take your time, your resources, your hands, and your heart off the great things others are doing so that you can focus on Him and what He wants you to do.

There will come a time when you must learn to stand alone with Jesus; even in a crowd of those that love Him dearly and likely love you too.

There will come a time to leave behind the need for a human “word” to hear the Word the Holy Ghost wants to say to you – about YOU!

There will come a time when a prayer line is formed, and you will stand still happy that the only person praying over you is JESUS as He intercedes at the right hand of the Father.

There will come a time when you want His call to come forth in you more than you want the comfort of many connections and circles. The circle He wants you in, He is forming Himself!!!

There will come a time when you will, of necessity, measure all words, actions, and attitudes against the Word of God. Oh but, He will require you measure your own heart first!

There will come a time when He will allow you to stand awkwardly and even stumble a bit to then turn around and bless you with a victory dance.

There will come a time when through the pain and tears of loss and disappointment, you realize that you have lost much of your vision and yet you can see more clearly than ever His!!!

There will come a time when Jesus will teach you  – HE is MORE than enough.


The final thing I want to share today is this –

God called me to do a work in this season, for His glory. I know this because I do know His voice!!! Some days I feel anointed for it and some days I feel like a starfish out of the water waiting on a wave to carry me back to some past place…but here in this present place, He has taught me much about peace and contentment. Of course, I have desires, but I come through this time having no real ambition other than to do God’s will no matter my desires. He alone knows my path, what is sent to trip me, and if I will allow Him to carry me through. Minute by minute I need Him and so I pray again today as every day that I am found pressing on – faithful in Him – declaring to my world that JESUS is more than enough for me!


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On Earth as It Is in Heaven


Wigglesworth was conducting a crusade for Davies. One night in the healing line, there was a young man with a bandage around his throat. When the evangelist asked him, “What’s up?” He replied in a hoarse whisper, “Can God do anything for me?” “Of course He can,” answered Wigglesworth, “unless He has forgotten how to make voice boxes.”

He placed his hands on the young man’s throat, prayed in his usual way, then turned the young man around, saying, “Go home and eat a meal of meat and potatoes.” The young man turned back, “I can’t, sir! I feed myself through this” pointing to a tube in the side of his throat. Wigglesworth turned him around again, gave him a gentle push, and said, “Go on your way. Do as you’re told. Be not faithless, but believing.

The next night, the young man was again in the healing line. When he came forward, Wigglesworth said, “What are you doing here? I prayed for you last night.” The young man answered in a normal voice, “I’ve come to tell you what God did for me last night.” Turning him to face the audience, Wigglesworth said, “You don’t need to tell me. Tell them!

After receiving the preacher’s stern rebuke, I went home and asked my mother to cook me a solid meal. She argued with me, but I told her to please prepare it. I was going to eat it. She prepared the meal. I sat down and took the first mouthful, chewing it a long time, hesitating to swallow it. Finally, with fear and trembling, I swallowed that first mouthful. It just slipped down my throat, no pain, no obstruction, no trouble at all. Since then, I’ve had more meals, and I’m looking forward to one after this meeting.”

Wigglesworth asked, “Then what are you doing with that bandage around your throat?”  The young fellow explained that it covered the tube through which he had been receiving food and that he was going to the hospital the next day to have it removed.

The evangelist quietly but confidently said, “What the Lord has begun, He can complete.” He removed the bandage, gently drew the tube out of the young man’s neck, then placed his thumb and forefinger on each side of the hole. Those who watched were astonished. Before their eyes, the hole healed right up.

What he had seen God do in Heaven, He had done on earth.


George Stormont, “Wigglesworth – A Man Who Walked With God.”  Pgs 71-72.