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Choices, Choices

“He made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel.” ~ Psalms‬ ‭103:7‬

In Psalm 103:7 we see two different things regarding two different groups of people. You have to decide if you are going to be a part of the Moses group, or part of the children of Israel group.

God showed His ways to Moses. Moses knew how things worked; how things came about. He knew how to cooperate and initiate with what God’s plans were. He knew God’s ways because God Himself made them known and He used Moses to help create His purposes on earth.

God showed His acts to the children of Israel. The Israelites watched it all happen, sometimes from a distance. They were very blessed – the blessing to see miracles take place and to feel the peripheral power of the miracles that Moses walked in. Yes, they were blessed but they were not a part of walking hand-in-hand with God to make something altogether glorious and impossible happen on the earth.

Remember the story where Moses was on the mountain getting the Ten Commandments. He was with God on the mountain. The mountains rumbled and the children of Israel heard that and saw that. Moses came walking down and his face shown like the sun. The Israelites told him to get away from them and go back up the mountain because the glory of God on him scared them. THAT is the difference between knowing the ways of God and being at the heart of what He is doing as opposed to just being a part of seeing the acts of God and feeling the peripheral power of His presence.

In the Old Testament Moses was the leader and the people were the congregation or the followers. That was the order God set into place. But in the New Testament, once Jesus came and died for us, we were given personal access to our Father in Heaven and we were given the opportunity for a personal relationship with Him. You don’t have to go through a leader to be with God and to know God. You have access! You!!!

That blessing though comes with a choice. You can take what God has made available and draw closer to Him, walk with Him, know God and His ways. You can be a part of the move of God happening today. Or, you can remain in what may seem the safer place – on the outside seeing the miracles, hearing the testimonies, and being inspired in what God is doing but content to continue where you are and in what you are doing.

God made His ways known to Moses and to the children of Israel His acts. Are you a ways person or an action person? The choice is yours!

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