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Elections, Prayer, and My Little Sister

Elections make me think of my little Sister, Karen, because I had to return to Virginia to vote on the day of her second funeral. She had one funeral at her church in Mississippi and one at the church we grew up in the morning she was buried.

It was cold and dreary and so hard to leave my mom to return. I was with her for two weeks following my sister’s fall in the bathroom that ended in her death. I sat in silence and cried most of the way while Dan and the kids sang to the radio and played travel games to pass the time.

We had been through a loss I didn’t think mom could bear, and I had lost my only sister and my lifelong best friend. I didn’t feel in the grand scheme of things I should care about such things as voting, but I knew it was something I should do even still.

We were one of the last through the polls that evening. I voted for Bob Dole. He lost…but I had done my part. Voting is both a duty and a privilege.

Karen has been gone 24 years now. Mom was younger at the time than I am now. It was one of the hardest losses of my life, and I didn’t like or understand why I had to lose my sister, but even so, I saw so many miracles during those two weeks and beyond. Though it would take another decade of me fighting God and even feeling angry at God for my loss, Karen’s death is part of what would ultimately bring me back to Jesus, and her death would help me surrender my life fully to Him. Karen’s death is also part of why I am back in NC and living and serving where I am today. I am fully convinced the miracle of my salvation was an answer to her very own fervent prayers.

24 years! Life goes on. Some days when things make no sense…we forget even why!!! But we are all still here – for such a time as this!!! Just as voting is a duty and privilege, so is prayer! Pray, pray, pray! Pray fervently! There is no telling how God will use our prayers and the things we don’t understand for His purposes and our good (or someone else’s).

Still miss you KK, but I am so very thankful for your love and your prayers for me. See you soon, my Thumbelina 😘❤️

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