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Let Me Not Be Ashamed

Passages for today: Exodus 12:14-13:16; Matthew 20:29-21:22; Psalm 25:16-22; Proverbs 6:12-15

The Lord brought us out
And thou shalt shew thy son in that day, saying, This is done because of that which the Lord did unto me when I came forth out of Egypt. And it shall be for a sign unto thee upon thine hand, and for a memorial between thine eyes, that the Lord’s law may be in thy mouth: for with a strong hand hath the Lord brought thee out of Egypt.

And it shall be when thy son asketh thee in time to come, saying, What is this? that thou shalt say unto him, By strength of hand the Lord brought us out from Egypt, from the house of bondage:
-Exodus 13:8-9, 14

That our eyes may be opened
And, behold, two blind men sitting by the way side, when they heard that Jesus passed by, cried out, saying, Have mercy on us, O Lord, thou Son of David. And the multitude rebuked them, because they should hold their peace: but they cried the more, saying, Have mercy on us, O Lord, thou Son of David. And Jesus stood still, and called them, and said, What will ye that I shall do unto you? They say unto him, Lord, that our eyes may be opened. So Jesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him. –
Matthew 20:30-34

Let me not be ashamed
O keep my soul, and deliver me: let me not be ashamed; for I put my trust in thee. Let integrity and uprightness preserve me; for I wait on thee
. – Psalms 25:20-21

Broken without remedy
A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth. He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers; Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy
. – Proverbs 6:12-15 KJV

Read the same verse in the Amplified Bible. It gives some clarity.

A worthless person, a wicked man, Is one who walks with a perverse (corrupt, vulgar) mouth. Who winks with his eyes [in mockery], who shuffles his feet [to signal], Who points with his fingers [to give subversive instruction]; Who perversely in his heart plots trouble and evil continually; Who spreads discord and strife. Therefore [the crushing weight of] his disaster will come suddenly upon him; Instantly he will be broken, and there will be no healing or remedy [because he has no heart for God]. – Proverbs 6:12-15 AMP

Thank You, Lord, that you are my God! Thank you that you brought me out of the bondage of the enemy and that you are not left me ashamed while I trust in you and Your mighty hand. Thank You that You preserve me as I wait on You! Father, thank You so much that You sent Your Son, Jesus, as the remedy for my brokenness. Thank You for Your Word that gives me Life. Oh, today, I just want to thank You and say I love You, Jesus! I love You, Father! I love You, Holy Ghost.