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Different Seasons and a Divine Visitation

After many tears from my daughter and granddaughters and reassuring hugs and a prayer from this mama, the Joneses are off to Greensboro. Please pray for them as they make the transition and for safe travels today.

I feel like I have held my breath for the last three months knowing this moment was coming. I have cried so many tears, prayed so many prayers, felt hopeless, like I couldn’t bear one more different season, and so God was surely done with me.

But then, at 4:30 am Saturday morning, I had a very real divine visitation. The good Lord spoke some things. They were Words of love and LIFE but even more so Words of correction. I will talk more about it later but know that I came away, and I knew that I knew I might have some hard days and lonely days, but He still has a plan for me (and for Dan) in this strange new season. This different will require some things. It is a process – from glory to glory- and on the other side of the last two days’ changes – after Sunday School, after Pastor preached, after others sang and prayed and prophesied – it looked a whole lot like dancing and joy and with it peace, peace, that wonderful peace! Tomorrow, no matter what, if I seek God, I will find Him. That’s a promise.

Different seasons don’t mean it is all terrible. Different seasons are just different. You can define different as a bad thing altogether, or you can choose to see the unique opportunities that “different” can afford. That has been one of my greatest lessons over this last very different year.

This is a different season and I intend to use my time wisely and to come away from it different…in a very good way! Thank You, Lord!!!

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