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A Wise and an Understanding Heart

1 Kings 3:3–4:34; Acts 6:1-15; Psalm 126:1-6; Proverbs 16:26-27

A Wise and an Understanding Heart
In Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee. And Solomon said, Thou hast shewed unto thy servant David my father great mercy, according as he walked before thee in truth, and in righteousness, and in uprightness of heart with thee; and thou hast kept for him this great kindness, that thou hast given him a son to sit on his throne, as it is this day. And now, O LORD my God, thou hast made thy servant king instead of David my father: and I am but a little child: I know not how to go out or come in. And thy servant is in the midst of thy people which thou hast chosen, a great people, that cannot be numbered nor counted for multitude. Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people?

And the speech pleased the Lord, that Solomon had asked this thing. And God said unto him, Because thou hast asked this thing, and hast not asked for thyself long life; neither hast asked riches for thyself, nor hast asked the life of thine enemies; but hast asked for thyself understanding to discern judgment; behold, I have done according to thy words: lo, I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee. And I have also given thee that which thou hast not asked, both riches, and honour: so that there shall not be any among the kings like unto thee all thy days. And if thou wilt walk in my ways, to keep my statutes and my commandments, as thy father David did walk, then I will lengthen thy days. – 1 Kings 3:1-14

And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea shore. And Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt. For he was wiser than all men; – 1 Kings 4:29-31a

Full of the Holy Ghost and Wisdom
And in those days, when the number of the disciples was multiplied, there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews, because their widows were neglected in the daily ministration. Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables. Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business. But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.
– Acts 6:1-4

And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people. Then there arose certain of the synagogue, which is called the synagogue of the Libertines, and Cyrenians, and Alexandrians, and of them of Cilicia and of Asia, disputing with Stephen. And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the spirit by which he spake. – Acts 6:8-10

The Lord Hath Done Great Things
The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.
– Psalm 126:3

Bearing Precious Seed
He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.
– Psalm 126:6

An Ungodly Man Diggeth Up Evil
An ungodly man diggeth up evil: and in his lips there is as a burning fire.
– Proverbs 16:27

Heavenly Father, You are wonderful and glorious and have done such great things for me. I am glad, my God. This year I have gone forth, and I have wept, and though sometimes bitter, the tears indeed are as precious seed. I bring them back to You today, Lord. They are the fruit of this year, and I bring them back to You with rejoicing. I am rejoicing in You, for I know Your plans are perfect.

Thank You, Father, for what You have ordained for this special day as I head toward campmeeting to worship You with the saints of over 30 ministries. Please help us today to have Your wisdom and understanding
. Please give us discernment and hearts overflowing with Your sweet Holy Ghost and with Your abundant love.

Could you help me, Heavenly Father? Please help me to guard my heart, my lips, and every thought that would arise against what You have planned for me and for each person. We are expecting miracles, God. Would you begin now and give each of us the miracle of one accord that we may do all things for Your glory and to bring Your Son, Jesus, all that He died for on that cross? I ask these things in Jesus’ precious and holy Name. Amen!!!