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Something of My Very Own?

The Challenges
On January 1, I took a 100-day Blogging Challenge. Today is the 182nd day. I have just kept on posting daily. What a journey!!! Some days the writing has flowed, and some days it has taken all day long (literally). But, by the close of every day, I have posted what I feel God laid on my heart and so I knew every single minute was worth it. I write primarily about what I receive from the Holy Ghost while reading aloud the One-Year Daily Bible (KJV), what I have studied in response to questions from the reading, what God has laid on my heart during my time in my tiny prayer closet, my struggles along the way, my victories. Each day I have also created and posted an original scripture picture using the verse that most touched me that day. These are not someone else’s pictures but totally my own with the watermark – Melissa Lynne

From Glory to Glory
From Glory to Glory,” His Word says. I took the 100-day Blogging Challenge because I was in a place at the first of the year that I felt like I needed something that was my own. My kids and grandkids were in the process of moving away, my husband suddenly couldn’t hear which made communication almost impossible, and I felt so lonely and was fighting so many mind battles that I was weary. In a moment of incredible heartache and confusion, I went to the only one that could help me. I asked God to help me find my focus again. I wanted to focus on Him, focus in prayer and focus on the Word. I wanted to be on FIRE for GOD and the things of GOD.

Well, I asked and He answered. He challenged me to get up every morning and go into the prayer closet and then immerse myself into His Word. Not only reading it but reading it aloud and seeking for understanding. He challenged me to yield to the Holy Ghost as He taught me. I took the challenge and as I stepped out to begin, the 100-Day Blogging Challenge came. I felt it was directly from my Heavenly Father. Something of my very own? Well, it was His direction to me and it was so personal at the time. Because of that, until this week, I have told absolutely no one, except Him. But this week I felt His release. Of course, anyone that reads my blog knew that I was suddenly posting every day and so they knew.

The Results of the Challenges
I thought as blogging goes, the process might help my writing. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. I have learned not to worry too much about whether everything is perfect. I write to glorify God only. I don’t worry if anyone else reads it or gets what I write. I just go with what comes into my heart and leave it at that. Some days I write a lot and other days no more than the Scriptures He highlights, a prayer, and a picture. I have readers from 135 nations across the world. The faithfulness of a handful of followers from around the world has been my greatest surprise. The community of bloggers that I follow and interact with have also helped me to grow in Christ and in the Word…as well as blogging.

One hundred and eighty-two straight days on this path and it is has changed me, given me focus, toughened me up, and drawn me closer to Jesus than I ever thought possible. The Bible has come alive to me and God is weaving His story together for me and with me in ways I never quite got in Sunday School or through Bible Studies. There is something so special about reading the Word aloud and knowing that if I continue on this year I will be hearing every single Word of God’s Word come out of my own mouth.

Half Way Through the Year
Today is July 1 and we are officially half way through the year and halfway through the Bible. We all have lots of resolutions at the first of the year but how about looking at the second half in the same way. What will you do with the rest of this year? 

Something Not My Own, But Totally His!
For me – Tomorrow is day 183 and I will start it like I have every single morning for the last 182 days. First in prayer, then reading the Word aloud, digging into the Word further to answer any questions that arise, and writing all about it (all as I sit alongside my Jesus). Then I will create a picture as I plant one special verse into my heart. I wanted something of my own. Did I get that? Kind of…but mostly I got something that was not my own, but totally His…so I got so much more. Thank You Jesus for taking me with You on this incredible journey!

3 thoughts on “Something of My Very Own?

    1. Thank you so much for coming along. Thanks for all of your prayers too. My husband now has state-of-the-art hearing aids, and while he is still getting used to them, it has helped tremendously. I am grateful and will remain so. Yet, still believing his hearing will be restored. God bless you!

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  1. “But unto you, that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings…”
    How blessed we are to know and grow in the ONE who shall arise with the glory of God upon those who found refuge under His wings of protection and healing.

    Blessings to you both.

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