(a little too much about me…not that you asked!)


I speak and though I may struggle at times and though I may often remain silent – I never have a shortage of words.
I write but not necessarily so anyone will read it.
I write more easily than I speak
but I’m embarrassed more by my writing.
Writing is my heart!
I’ve come to the conclusion that most of my works will be published posthumously…or burned.

I love cinnamon drops, orange slices, and strong, strong coffee; three cups a day.

I love the Bible!
I love reading – but I don’t read fiction. I love used books and used bookstores.
I don’t watch TV except for a few cooking shows.  I don’t cook!

I love people (especially the elderly)!
I believe in honor.
I love my family and value my heritage.
It always bothered me that my dad left this world giving no fatherly blessing and leaving no earthly inheritance until I read in the Bible about the tribes of Levi and that their inheritance was the Lord Himself.
I claim that. I claim Him!

I believe in forgiveness and mercy and grace…lots and lots of grace.
I remember the day the Holy Spirit helped me to understand grace.
Grace is not an excuse!

Forgiving those I thought I never could or should
healed me and changed me for eternity.
I never want to pass up the opportunity to forgive
as I have been forgiven so much!

I don’t mind criticism if I can convince myself it serves a purpose.
I laugh at my own jokes way more than I should.
I love to laugh.

I love to dream and I dream BIG! Most of my dreams involve God’s healing power and deliverance; miracles and salvation! I dream of fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. I pray that one day I see that dream come to pass with my natural eyes – all for HIS GLORY!

I love surprises though I am rarely surprised.
One of my prized possessions is an organ dad gave my mom. I don’t really know how to play much except for songs like “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”
I have been blown away by the revelation of Jesus as the Lamb of God. The perfect sacrifice.
Violin music and songs about the Lamb always make me cry.

I hate drama.
I am serious about the things and people I invest myself in.
I don’t have many close friends. Most of the time I am quite fine alone but there are moments…whew! I deal with times of incredible and intense loneliness.

I have always told myself I could do anything I set my mind to if I didn’t quit.
I have quit a few things.
I have learned over the years to tell myself – quitting is not an option.

I love to pray so I love praise reports.  I am called to pray but I am also called to study and teach the Word of God and even preach a sermon or two. I am called to make disciples! Aren’t we all?

I am called to love the poor and the poor in spirit and those no one seems to want. That one on the outside looking in, the “broken” ones. Oh, I won’t coddle them as I am sure not called to do that. I am called – to deliver the captives.

I feel a call to the mission fields. I have been to Romania, Haiti, Tanzania and yes the byways of my own town. Every trip has sent me back changed and ready to face this ripe field with even more radical faith, greater discernment, and the endurance to press on. I believe I will go to Africa again. How, when, and with whom…is in God’s hands.

Until then I want to do what I can. Love the ones in front of me today. Follow and obey His commands. Commands like feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the lonely and house the homeless. Jesus told us to feed His sheep, feed them spiritually yes but also take care of their earthly needs.

I believe real love looks like something – maybe it looks like a Word but maybe it looks like a sandwich; a hug; maybe a blanket. Real love looks like TIME!

More than anything else, I LOVE JESUS! I truly want to be like Him!
I hope if you know me at all then you already knew that.