For a Rainy Day

old trunkIn many ways, my blog is like some of the journals that I had as a teenager and like the old trunk that my mom had as a girl and passed on to me. It is a place to store things that aren’t quite treasures (yet) but that for some reason inspire or stir me. In my journals, I would take those things and write them out – quotations, Bible verses, poems. Back in the day, I would cut out and paste pictures into my journals. Then at some time, maybe on a rainy day like today, I would go back through and see if they moved me still. What you find when you look through old journals is that life goes on. We change in ways we never thought possible. Some dreams come alive and others die and aren’t we glad they did? This is the blog equivalent of my old trunk or journal.



We’ll start with this picture – I LOVE everything about it!

Walke up

and what about this one…

Philippians 3 13

oh yes…one more for today.

fear of failure